Communications: Birthdays

Upcoming Birthdays

  1. Go to: Main >> Home
  2. Click on the [Birthdays] button. If there are upcoming birthdays, the button will be orange with a number at the right to indicate the number of birthdays. Otherwise, the button will be grey.

Send an Email

  1. Go to: Main >> Home
  2. Click on the [Birthdays] button
  3. Hover over the [Options] icon to the left of a name and select “Send Email”  OR  check the box beside multiple names and click the [Send Email] button

Set How Many Days Before a Birthday

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Organization Settings >> General Settings
  2. Click on the “Other General Settings” tab
  3. Scroll to the “Birthday Alert Settings” section
  4. Optional: Check the box to include only Accepted/Active people in alerts and lists for upcoming birthdays
  5. Enter the number of days to look ahead for birthdays (the default is 7 days)
  6. Click the [Save] button

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