Email: Add Template

  1. Go to: Communicate >> Email Templates
  2. Click the [+] button in the “Email Template” header (or click the [+ New Email Template] button at the bottom of the page).
  3. Enter an Email Template name (required, maximum 200 characters). This is not included in what eventually gets sent to a volunteer.
  4. Optional: Enter a Description. This is not included in what eventually gets sent to a volunteer.
  5. Select which administrators get to use this Email Template (Module). For example: by choosing Volunteer, any admin who is a volunteer administrator will have access to this template. Just getting started? Select Volunteer.
  6. Enter the email Subject (maximum 200 characters)
    • TIP: If you want to include the first or last name of your recipient in the subject line of your email, you can click on the [+ FN] or [+ LN] buttons
  7. Enter the Body of the message (text only). This content can be edited when sending an email message.
  8. Optional: Add Attachments from the Document Library. The combined size of the message plus any attachments cannot exceed 4MB.
    • If the attachment you want to use has not yet been added to the Document Library, you can add it from here by clicking the [+ Create New Document] button below the list of existing files.
    • NOTE: Only the Document Library files associated with the Module you have selected for this template will be displayed.
  9. Click the [Save] button

This template will now be available to you the next time you send an email to one volunteer or any list of volunteers.

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