Feedback Fields: Add New

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Feedback Fields
  2. Click the [New Feedback Field] button or click the [+] button to the left of the Feedback Field list heading
  3. Enter the name for the field that you want displayed on the administrative reports you run; Display on Reports as (required, maximum 50 characters) e.g. Clients Served
  4. Enter the name for the field that you want displayed to volunteers when they are logging their hours and feedback; Display to Volunteers as (required, maximum 200 characters). Use this to be very precise about what you want to ask the volunteer. e.g. – How many clients did you assist on your shift today?
  5. Select whether or not the Feedback Field is Active. If you ever want to stop using a Feedback Field but want to keep the data, you can turn it off by making it inactive.
  6. Select whether or not a response is Required when logging hours using the Feedback Field
  7. Select the Type of answer you are looking for from the drop down
    • Number: valid numbers only (no punctuation) with optional decimal place (no leading zero)
      • A “Number” field is recommended only for information you will perform mathematical functions / calculations on. For telephone numbers, membership IDs, etc., please use “Short Text”.
    • Short Text: up to 100 characters (a leading zero can be used)
    • Long Text: large amounts of text
    • Drop Down: a custom list of choices, displayed in alphabetical order
  8. Optional: For numeric Feedback Fields only, a “Display on Dashboard” checkbox will appear, enabling you to display data for this Feedback Field on your Home Page “Comparisons”, or make it available to be displayed in Trend Analysis Reports and in the Comparison reports in a volunteer’s profile.
  9. Optional: Enter a Description that is visible to volunteers. Use this if you want to provide more information about how to approach answering the question. Volunteers will see the description when they are logging hours for an Activity that includes this Feedback Field.
  10. Click the [Save] button


Feedback Fields will be displayed alphabetically when volunteers log their hours for an Activity that uses the Feedback Fields. If you need to display them in a specific order to the volunteers, consider prefixing the “Display to volunteers as” with a number or letter (e.g. 1,2,3 or a,b,c).  If you need to display them in a specific order on reports, consider prefixing the “Display on reports as” with a number or letter.

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