Reporting: Volunteer Profiles

  1. Go to: Reports >> Exports / Excel Reports >> Personal Profile Export
  2. Optional: Click on the [Export Everyone] button at the top left of the page OR
  3. Search for the desired profiles (See: Search) OR
  4. Search the desired profiles and click on the [Add Search Criteria] button to filter further
  5. Select all Basic Export Columns, Custom Fields, Qualifications, General Interests, Committees and General Availability to include in the export
  6. Check the box to include all logged hours or filter for a specific date range and/or Activity Category
  7. Select desired options for Other Settings:
    • Include background checks (Enterprise edition only)
    • Include last login date
    • File format (XLSX, XLS, CSV, TXT)
  8. Click the [Export Profiles] button


When viewing a volunteer’s profile, you can also print the contents. Please note that only the contents of sections that are open will be included in the printout.

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