Scheduling: Groups

Enable Group Scheduling

  1. Go to: Configuration >> Organization Settings >> General Settings
  2. In the “Scheduling and Hours Settings” check the “Enable group scheduling” checkbox
  3. Click the [Save] button at the bottom of the page

By doing this, you will be able to attribute any number of volunteers to the profile of the group leader when you assign that leader to an Activity. If you have an Activity with 30 set as the maximum number of volunteers, and you schedule in a group of 20, the system will know you only have room for 10 more.

Enable Group Signups

Group Signup enables profiles in volunteer Impact that have been defined as “groups” to sign up for your opportunities. You can enable (or disable) group signup in a specific Activity when you create or edit it. By using the “Bulk Activity Updates” feature, you can change the group signup setting for multiple Activities.

Assign a Profile using Group Size

  1. Type part of the volunteer’s name in the Quick Search bar and click on the group leader’s name when it appears in the list
  2. Click on the “Assign” tab
  3. Optional: In the “Filters” section, you can choose which Activity Category to display or other activities based on a volunteer’s General Availability, Qualifications, Activity assignments, Activity signups or backup list. These selections can be made your default filters when you assign volunteers from within their profiles.
  4. Click on the link to the desired Activity. If this is a scheduled Activity, you can filter for specific days, start times and whether or not the volunteer has signed up already.
  5. Assign the volunteer (group):
    1. For scheduled activities, check the box in the “As” column for each applicable shift. You can also click the “As” box at the top of the list to assign the volunteer to all shifts. Update the Group Size (GS) if needed.  Click the [Close] button once you have finished assigning the volunteer to the desired shift(s) of the Activity.
    2. For unscheduled activities, check the “Assigned” box update the Group Size (GS) and click the [Save] button


Once the assignment has been saved, you cannot change its “Group Size” value. You can however, remove the assignment and then add it back in with the new group size number.

Change the Group Size

If you need to update the group size for an assignment in a volunteer’s profile:

  1. Edit the volunteer’s profile
  2. Go to the “Schedule” tab
  3. From the Options [ ] icon beside the assignment, select “Update Group Size”
  4. Enter the new group size value
  5. Click the [Update Group Size] button

If you need to update the group size for an assignment when viewing the list of people assigned:

  1. Go to the desired Assign menu option (from Unscheduled List, from Scheduled List)
  2. Click the [+] button to display the names of people assigned
  3. From the Options [ ] icon beside the person, select “Update Group Size”
  4. Enter the new group size value
  5. Click the [Update Group Size] button

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