Tips: Hide Specific Shifts

At times, you may wish to create an Activity with a large number of shifts but also prevent volunteers from signing up for certain shifts. To do this, you can assign a “placeholder volunteer” to those shifts in order to “fill it”, hiding it from other volunteers.


  1. Go To: People >> Add a Volunteer
  2. Enter the details for this “placeholder” volunteer
  3. Click on “Save”


  1. Go To: Activities >> Manage Activities
  2. Click the Options [ ] icon to the left of the Activity and choose “Edit”
  3. Open the “Schedule” tab
  4. Select the new shifts you have added
    • Scroll to the bottom and select “Override Minimum Volunteers” from the “Change Selected” droplist
    • Set the “Number of Volunteers” to 1 and click the [Override Minimum Volunteers] button
    • Select “Override Maximum Volunteers” from the “Change Selected” droplist
    • Set the “Volunteers Required for Auto Lock” to 1 and click the [Override Maximum Volunteers] button
  5. Click the [Close] button to close your Activity


Edit the “Placeholder Volunteer” and add it to the desired shifts.

  1. In the Quick Search field, enter the name of your placeholder volunteer
  2. Click on the profile name to edit it
  3. Open the “Assign” tab
  4. Change the filters (if necessary) to display the desired Activity
  5. Click on the link to the desired activity
  6. In the “As” column (i.e. Assign), check the box for each shift you wish to hide (i.e. assign the placeholder volunteer to)
  7. Click the [Save] button

When you need to make those shifts available once again, edit the “Placeholder Volunteer” and remove it from the shifts and follow the instructions in “Step 2” to reset the minimum and maximum number of volunteers needed on those shifts.

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