Tips: Using the Rich Text Editor

Be very careful when copying content from your website into the Rich Text Editor

  • If you select something that goes outside of the containers, you’ll end up with code telling it to be certain widths. It won’t be obvious until it is pasted in and saved and you then see the content in the live pages.


Avoid custom fonts

  • Avoid pasting text containing strange or custom fonts as they won’t convert well in the Rich Text Editor.

Where possible, compose the information in the Rich Text Editor

  • While the Rich Text Editor contains many options and formatting settings, it does not contain all the settings that some programs such as Microsoft Word contain. Therefore, if you are copying and pasting from something like Word, it is possible that the embedded codes that work in Word will not have a corresponding setting in the Rich Text Editor. This could lead to some odd formatting displayed in the Rich Text Editor.
  • If you need to copy text, remember that it can be pasted in as “plain text” in the Rich Text Editor. Then you can use the formatting tools available in the Rich Text Editor. This will help to avoid formatting errors associated with copying/pasting from an external source.

Line spacing

  • Use [Shift] + [Enter] if you want a single space between lines. Pressing [Enter] alone will create 1.5 line spacing.


  • If the content of your text box is a mess and you can’t fix it, copy and paste it into something plain like Notepad, then delete all content in the Rich Text Editor. After that, paste the content from Notepad back into the Rich Text Editor and reformat it.  Don’t copy back into Microsoft Word to perform formatting.
  • After you save, if there is content showing on the page that you can’t see when you are editing the content, you’ll likely need to clear out the content and start over.  This happens when you’ve somehow managed to copy some styles that hide content by placing it very far off the screen.  It’s nearly impossible to fix this without just copying what you want to keep, resetting the content, then pasting that back in.

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