Updating a Volunteer Profile: Generate Timeclock QR Code

By running the Personal Profile raw data report, you can generate (in bulk) the URL for QR codes for your volunteers. Otherwise, they can be generated one at a time from within a volunteer’s profile.

  1. Type part of the volunteer’s name in the Quick Search box near the top on the right
  2. Click on the the volunteer’s name once it appears in the list
  3. In the “Main” tab, click on the “Contact” section
  4. Click the [Generate Timeclock QR Code] button
  5. Click on either:
    • [Download] – download and save the Timeclock QR Code to a file
      • or
    • [Print] – print the Timeclock QR Code
  6. Close the window

A volunteer can also generate their own QR code.


In order to generate a QR code, you must first enable the Express Timeclock setting by going to Configuration >> Organization Settings >> General Settings.

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